Invite Day/Eve

A6 bundle including, Invite, RSVP, double sided information card & addressed envelope tied with string £3.50, 

        tied with ribbon £3.75,          tied with ribbon & lace £4

A6 Single side no mount with envelope £1.50
A6 Double side no mount with envelope £1.75
A6 Single side mount with envelope £1.75
A6 Single side mount embossed with envelope £2
A6 Single side mount embossed & graphic design with envelope £2.50
A6 Meg design with RSVP & menu choice card & envelope £3.75
A6 Apple blossom with rsvp & envelope £2.75


Wallet Invite
Embossed, personalised, mounted with 3 staggered inserts(menu, info & rsvp) tag detail & addressed envelope £5
Plain, mounted with info card, RSVP & envelope £4.50
Laser cut designs will include Invite, RSVP post card, double sided info card & addressed envelope, prices from £4.75
Order Of Service     (liaise with Chaplin via email for format & approval included)
Paper £1  
Card £1.50  
Card with paper insert ribbon tied £2
Embossed card with insert ribbon tied and layered monogram tag £2.75
Tri-fold with cigar wrap or ribbon £2.75
Sketch of your church for the front cover of your OOS from photograph, one off fee of £15

Single mount A5 £2.50
Wallet ribbon folded with insert A5 booklet £3

Place names
Plain tent fold 50p  
Printed tent fold £1  
Printed tent fold with menu choice on reverse £1.50
Printed tag 60p  
Printed tag with ribbon 75p
Table name/number
Single side mount £2.75 
Double sided £3.75

Trifold £2.75  
A6 Tent fold £1.75

Table plan
full bespoke seating plan in coordinated design
Plan in large ornate white framed- hire from £90
Plan in large ornate gold framed- hire from £90
Plan in small ornate white frame –hire from £50
Plan of tags in birdcage table plan hire from £60
Plan of tags in suitcase table plan hire from £85
Plan of tags in tree table plan hire from £50

Order of Day/Welcome Board
Printed blackboard or design of choice, mounted on10mm foam board.
from £40 for 1 includes custom design or £55 for 2 of the same design

Save the date
Scratch cards £1.50  
Fridge magnets £2
Scratch card fridge magnet £2.25
Personalised puzzle £1.75  
Pencil me in personalised pencil on card £1.75


Favour charity gift card
Single side 85p 
Double sided £1

Post Box 
Cardboard from £30 
Mini suitcase card box hire £30

Thank you’s
A6 tent fold with envelope £1.95
A6 mounted & embossed with envelope £2.25

All prices are correct at time of printing and are a general guidance, full quotations provided on request & is valid for 3 months from date of quotation.
Prices may be subject to change without notice.