About Rosy

When my children were small I loved being creative & I loved gadgets so I bought lots of equipment and learnt loads of different techniques, I had so much stuff that I wanted to share what I had with others so I created a crafting group at my local church hall that allowed everyone who wanted to learn crafting have a go, some even liked it so much they decided to buy their own, that craft club would meet once a month, I’d charge £5 for the day & they got to try anything, I loved it, I got to meet other people, made wonderful friends (sadly lost a few on the way) and share all my crafting stuff with them, Westfield craft club ran for 6 years with me and when I moved on the girls carried on with the club which still meets most months now. (until covid got in the way)

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Exhibiting in the wedding world proved to be very expensive so not one to be deterred I decided to run my own wedding show, primarily I would find a wedding venue who wanted to increase their exposure so I’d get the use of the facilities for free, would network & invite lots of quality suppliers no more than 3 of each type & different from each other, run all the marketing and advertising campaigns and run the show on the day & have my own stand at the show. The exhibitors loved that I wanted the show to succeed as much for me as for them and could see the effort I put in along with halving the cost of a show for exhibitors & it was all good exposure for the venue.

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Whilst continuing to make stationery I also applied this exhibiting experience to helping a new wedding venue start up and was well on the way to my dream job of being a wedding coordinator so in 2015 I help develop and open a beautiful wedding venue in Taunton (Knapp Farm) which after months of marketing and development opened with one of my trademark wedding fairs in Sept…sadly the owners decided a week before the show that they were going to sell the beautiful farm and it would be unlikely any new owner would take on the farm as a wedding venue, I did however get to fulfill my dream and successful ran my very 1st (sadly last there) Wedding in June 2016. Not one to be disheartened I continued to run wedding shows & create stationery for lovely couples and assisted a few other wedding venue developments along the way eventually landing a role as wedding front of house in 2017 covering maternity leave at Quantock Lakes following a very successful wedding show, well to be honest who wouldn’t want to come see this stunning venue ( I know I’m biased) I have continued to work at QL and have acquired a great skill set working there and am now the Housekeeping Manager for the luxury accommodation whilst still creating gorgeous wedding stationery……. I Love My Life

10 years ago I decided I’d like to try making favour boxes for weddings so with my crafting equipment I started hand assembling favour boxes and because people would say I was clever at making things I came up with the name Box Clever (also boxing clever thinking on my feet) & threw wedding on the end as that was my goal and Box Clever Wedding was born and officially registered April 2010, I developed my favour making business and did a year of weddings but with the advancement of places like ebay people could buy boxes online and make them easily themselves, the bottom soon fell out of that market so I started tentatively branching into the stationery market, it seemed a natural progression being as I had tonnes of crafting equipment I could utilise.

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Along the way I went to many wedding venues and on a visit to Huntstile Organic Farm I happened to notice a few old shy sticks from a coconut shy & I had an idea of creating wedding games so in 2013 I started an addition of hand built wedding games (all built by little ole me) & The "It’s Fete" side of my business was born, I had several good years of wedding & vintage hire & my products were unique designs so couples loved that, in 2014 I even won an award for best entertainment non music!

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